Hi thank you for taking the time to read this

Me and my partner have been together just over 6 years and been married for one !

We have always wanted children together but just never seem to happen so a trip to the doctors confirmed it my fear

 2011 i sadly got diagnosed with pcos .

Hearing those words , It was a BIG ( STAMP ON THE HEART FOR US BOTH ) .

I was crushed my doctor told me to just keep trying 

So we go home keep trying 5 YEARS PASS and still nothing !! 

I get so upset to see other women with babies and family members having children and I sit and cry wondering why I can't have what others have PEOPLE SAY IT WILL HAPPEN SOON FOR YOU BUT WHEN ?????

So me and grant looked into IVF as we no its not going to happen naturally for us and it's more than we could ever afford 

We just would like the chance others have although we are happily married we just don't fill 100% complete 

I often ask why dose people that are horrible to children given the chance to have kids when they don't really want them 

I no we would be brilliant parents if given the chance 

Thank you ever so much for reading this it means a lot 

Jordan & grant 

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me and grant
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